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Sport, Media, Entertainment, Fashion


Professional sport is a dynamically growing business in Poland. BTK Legal provides counselling both to athletes and entities with interest in investing in sport and sports infrastructure so as to secure their interests and reduce the operating risks existing in this industry.

Athletes are offered our services of contract negotiations (including agency and sponsoring contracts), foreign contract negotiations (in Germany, Italy, and Russia), securing the image rights, financial planning in case of injury, tax counselling and resolution of disputes with clubs and sporting organisations.

Investors are offered our services of purchasing real properties for sporting purposes, advertising in sports, mass events security, brand management (trademarks protection), promoting sporting events, sale/purchase of the broadcasting rights and TV and Internet production rights. 

Media, Entertainment, Fashion

Today the media encompass an entire range of broadcasting and communication platforms, from TV to the Internet, radio through the press. BTK Legal provides counselling to media houses, as well as to entities involved in supplying content to the media (including advertising agencies) in respect of contract negotiations, licensing, intellectual property protection, financing, and resolving disputes (including those with copyright management organisations). BTK Legal also provides counselling to entities in the rapidly growing fashion market in Poland, including modelling agencies, models, and fashion designers.